Why Catholic Schoolhouse?

A child cannot know the Truth until they first come to recognize that the Truth is not just a set of laws, scientific formulas, or mathematical principles. The Truth is a Person – Jesus Christ. Educators must first strive to introduce the child to Truth. Building from that fundamental relationship with the Truth, all other knowledge finds its proper place in the soul of a child.


The Good


The True


The Beautiful

Catholic parents want to give their children a classical Catholic education. Catholic Schoolhouse will provide the right materials, train them to use them, and connect them with a community of Catholic homeschoolers who share their values so they don’t have to do this alone.

Catholic Schoolhouse grew from a movement of families who refused to allow their children to suffer the failures of modern school systems. Parents who recognized that their primary duty was to shepherd their children into eternal glory.

Through Catholic Schoolhouse communities children receive a wholesome education, while Catholic culture is being strengthened and shared–family to family!


Our families sacrifice a second income to dedicate parent time to the education and raising of their children in the Faith.

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