The Education Fight

The education fight — between those who want to provide solid schooling in the three R’s and other subjects and those who want to change kids’ core beliefs — is culminating.

School mandates require schools to spend time teaching our children not how to think, but what to think. Gender identity curricula as young as Kindergarten, who am I exercises that circumvent what parents are teaching, and a radical agenda as kids grow to accept abortion as the solution to all problems are often unknown to parents and communities.

Textbooks have abandoned truth goodness and beauty for other agendas. These agendas are often set by the state of California. Because of the volume, textbook manufactures often implement these mandates across their textbook lines. Which, incidentally are often purchased by Catholic day schools.

We must provide alternatives to mass produced textbooks. Catholic Schoolhouse publishes materials with only one agenda–truth, goodness, and beauty from a Catholic world view!

Your gift helps us to hire faithful, Catholic authors.

ps. If you can’t give today, get involved in your local school Ask to read the textbooks your tax dollars are purchasing. Ask to read the texts your church sponsored Catholic school is using. They are educating the children that will become tomorrow’s adults.